Welcome to Mairehau High School

Mairehau High School is a school with a strong community focus where every student has the chance to shine. We pride ourselves on our innovative and caring staff, and value individuality and difference. Our small size means that teachers get to know all students as individuals and are committed to going the extra mile for all learners to help them reach their full potential. Our students are our priority.


I would like to welcome you by using some of the many cultural greetings that reflect Mairehau High School.

Greetings, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Kia Orana, こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa), Kamusta, Namaste, Sawubona, 여보세요 (Yeoboseyo), Bonjour, Welcome.

I also wish to invite you to the Mairehau High School Open night to be held on Thursday 30th May from 5 pm. We are very proud of our school and would like to share with you our stories, facilities, and people.

At a recent public meeting in our school, a parent was able to talk about the reasons his family chose Mairehau High School for their child. He said that they had looked at several schools and specifically chose our school as their school of choice.

They like the fact that we are a small school, and we know their child by name. There is a strong sense of family, a strong sense of caring, and a strong sense of respect in the school. At the end of each school day the Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal can usually be found on gate duty giving words of encouragement to students as they leave for home. Building relationships and knowing the child are important key values of Mairehau High School. They are also essential key values in life.

The teachers in our schoolhouse are committed, passionate, and dedicated. We are a small school with a caring community feel. Our teachers will get to know your child well and work with you as a parent to ensure positive and enriching learning experiences for your child. We pride ourselves on our innovative and caring staff, and we value individuality and difference. All teachers are focussed on making a positive difference for every student. Our teachers are simply a fantastic group of people.

Why choose Mairehau High School?

1. Our Size

Our school and classes are small.

We are proud of our strong staff-student relationship

Your teachers will know you and go the extra mile to help you

2. Excellent Outcomes

We have:

Excellent NCEA Results

Personalised Learning

Gifted and Talented Programmes

Supported learning if you need it

Flexible learning programme in Years 9 and 10

Opportunities for Subject Scholarships

3. More Opportunities: At all levels for


Cultural Activities


Education outside the classroom

4. Our Values - C A R E (Challenge, Achievement, Responsibility, Empathy)

We value everyone no matter who they are or where they come from.

We are proud of our cultural diversity.

We have strong pastoral support

We encourage students’ voice

We welcome parental involvement

We value our links with other organisations which encourage community awareness and social responsibility

5. Improvements to our school environment

We are looking forward to our new rebuild and improved facilities starting soon.

We have a strong environment team who are constantly working to keep the school looking aesthetically pleasing to all. We have a strong extensive technology programme.

New Enrolment Zone for Mairehau High School

Mairehau High School is undertaking a consultation process on implementing a new enrolment scheme from 2020. There are seven co-educational state secondary schools proposing new schemes or amendments to existing schemes, so we have been working closely with an independent advisor to coordinate consultation so that communities are well informed and have an opportunity to see what is proposed across Christchurch.

More information on this process and an online survey to gather feedback can be found at www.shapingeducation.govt.nz/secondary

Thank you for being a wonderfully supportive community; you are fantastic.

Harry Romana


Download our School App

Have you seen our school app?

Download our free school app from the App Store for Apple, or Google Play for Android. This will work on compatible iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.

Click the link below or keyword search: Mairehau

The app syncs with our school events calendar, and the daily notices that can be checked by parents and students alike. Maps, term dates, sporting information and newsletters also have their own sections and are simple to access. In addition, one of the app icons will enable the user to link easily to our website, the Mairehau High School Facebook page, an app user guide, bus route information and media. We can also add links to events happening now, such as school interview bookings and fundraisers.

One of the most utilised sections is the portal. From here, parents and students can have up-to-the-minute information regarding achievement, attendance, timetable information and NCEA progress.



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Mairetia i te Matauranga. Be fragrant with wisdom.