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Mairehau High School is a school with a strong community focus where every student has the chance to shine. We pride ourselves on our innovative and caring staff, and value individuality and difference. Our small size means that teachers get to know all students as individuals and are committed to going the extra mile for all learners to help them reach their full potential. Our students are our priority.

Important Message for our parents, students and school community

20th March 2019

Kia ora

Re: Mairehau High School Principal update

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank our parents and caregivers for your ongoing support of our students and staff. The acknowledgements of support and sentiments for the school are much appreciated during these challenging times.

When we returned to school on Monday, I spoke at our full school assembly, not as the Principal to Mairehau High School, but more importantly and like my students and staff; I addressed them as a free New Zealander, a son of humanity, and a citizen of Christchurch.

Our school assembly focussed on compassion, respect and the acknowledgement of people: students, staff, parents, NZ Police, Ministry of Education, Ambulance and Medical service, and all who have helped over the last few days.

We have in place systems of support for students and staff that are feeling particularly vulnerable; we are here to help. The Ministry of Education continues to provide advice, support and guidance for all schools.

Mufti day

Our Senior students are organising a mufti day on Friday 22nd March to raise funds for the victims and the Muslim community. Students and staff also wish to pay their respects by observing a minutes silence Friday afternoon; a time for all to reflect, consider and demonstrate compassion and respect for others.

Celebration of Culture

Next week, Thursday 28th March at 6:30 pm, our students are leading a ‘Celebration of Culture.’ Our Pasifika, Filipino, Maori, NZ European and international students will all be leading and presenting an evening of success followed by kai (food) . We wish to invite you and your family to the evening. The evening will be held in our school library.

Senior student leaders are fine-tuning their well-being plan for our school with ideas from Year 9 to Year 13 students which will acknowledge and demonstrate our support, compassion and respect for others.

I would like to share with you a few comments from our students: “Mister this isn’t new for us, we thought we came to a safe country”, “You don’t have to like someone, but don’t hate them”, “They will be nice to me today, but what about tomorrow”, “We love our school”. As a school and community, our students have given us plenty to think about.

I am very encouraged by the strength and resolve of our students, staff, community and nation. We are in this together.

The New Zealand flag in our school is at half-mast this week.

The tragic event on the 15th March, will not deter us as a school, community or nation. It is important that we bring a sense of normality for our students. We all have a responsibility as teachers and leaders to model the values of compassion, respect and aroha for our fellow New Zealander. We can not let the cold face of terrorism or fear rule our communities. As a nation, we will be stronger and better. We are known as a country for our Aroha and Manakitanga. These are the values that we expect of our students. We will lead the way for our students and bring a sense of coherence and stability for Mairehau High School and our community.

I am proud to be the Principal of a Christchurch School working with caring, compassionate, and respectful students, staff and community.

Harry Romana


Tips for parents and educators



Mairehau High School is undertaking consultation on implementing a new Enrolment scheme. There are seven co-educational state secondary schools proposing new schemes or amendments to existing schemes, so we are co-ordinating consultation so that communities are well-informed and have an opportunity to see what is proposed across Christchurch.

More information on this process and an online survey to gather feedback can be found at www.shapingeducation.govt.nz/secondary

If you do not have internet access, you can access the internet in our school Library.

There are also public meetings to gather feedback, including a meeting at 6:30 pm, Thursday 4th April 2019, in the school Hall. If you wish to attend a meeting but this time does not suit you, there are details of further meetings on the above link. Similar material will be covered at all meetings, so you do not need to attend the meeting at our school if another day and time suit you better.

If you have questions about how the scheme could affect you, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the above link. If your question is not covered in these FAQs, you may contact our school Principal, Harry Romana. If you wish to give feedback on the scheme, please do this via the online survey or at one of the public meetings."

Naku noa,

Harry Romana


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