Sports at Mairehau

At Mairehau we offer opportunities in a variety of sports. All students are encouraged to contribute to our culture of 'sport for life'. At the junior level, students are encouraged to belong to both a summer and winter sports team. We enjoy seeing our students excel and grow as a result of participating; reaching new goals and expanding their own expectations of what they can achieve through hard work.

Our School produces a number of regional representatives who go on to take national honours. Mairehau High School is a well networked and functions alongside a multitude of outside organisations in support. This allows us to cater for both the egalitarian and the elitist sportsperson. Basketball is a sport which has had a huge significance to Mairehau High School. Basketball has been the traditional lifeblood of our sportsmen and sportswomen.

In winter we offer a variety of sports, ranging from basketball, badminton, football or netball.

During the summer months students can participate in volleyball, tennis, touch, indoor football and indoor netball.

Currently at Mairehau High School we actively facilitate 20+ different sports teams throughout the Canterbury region.

Whether a particular team sport is available year to year is reliant on student interest, so make sure you ask!

For more information on sports available or to sign up, contact our co-ordinator
Charntay Poko: