The Arts at Mairehau

There are a range of extra curricular options in the arts at Mairehau. 

Pick an instrument to learn with our itinerant teachers- there are plenty of options to pick from.

Join in with the choir or start a band! Take part in the orchestra and travel on music tour once a year to share your talents with others.

For more info on music options chat to
Mr Ben MacDonald:

We are lucky to have the expertise of Ms Marshall in the Mairehau Fine Art department. She is generous with her time and talents and encourages students to push themselves over and above what is required in the classroom. 

Students take part in gallery trips, create wearable art masterpieces, as well as backdrops and costumes for shows. 

Mairehau has a strong Performing Arts department. Each year the school alternates between a theatrical performance held in the school hall or participating in ShowQuest.

Students who are engaged in the Performing Arts are invited on trips to see dance and theatre shows to strengthen their knowledge and appreciation in the topic.

Opportunities to audition for parts are advertised in the notices.