Mairehau Rebuild 2021-2022

Our Rebuild Fly Through

New Building Fly Through.mp4

Property update

In 2022 we opened our new building, Waikākariki.  This replaced much of what was in the old Ford/Cartwright blocks.  Waikākariki includes the supported learning centre (Waiora), Technology (Food, Hard materials workshops and Graphic Design Labs) and Visual Arts (Art and Photography).  There will also be a large shared space for presentations, a small BB area and space for future gardens and seating.

At the end of 2022 HQ block was demolished and the Gym (Pūharakekenui) was upgraded to include new teaching spaces. Students have moved into these new spaces in 2023.

These staggered stages allow for the school to maintain full operations.

The build caters for future teaching and learning opportunities; the school's revised master-plan reflects the latest budget and Ministry of Education (MOE) growth projection figures.

Roll Projections

The master-plan design considers both the build roll of 500 and the master-plan roll of 800, which allows for future growth. The transition roll (i.e. the highest expected roll before the completion of the project) is expected to be able to be accommodated within the existing buildings.

Construction Budget

MOE confirmed the construction budget for the 500 pupil build roll as $14. 5 million dollars.