Welcome to Mairehau High School

We are pleased that you have taken the time to see what our school can offer you. We are a small, friendly school situated close to beaches, golf courses and wide open spaces on the edge of Christchurch, the garden city of New Zealand. Because we are a small school we can offer you all the support that you will need to learn English and to adapt to living in a new culture.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and to welcoming you as one of our students.

Kind regards

Mrs Robertson
International Dean

Tuition Fees

NZ$14,500 per year

or NZ$3,625 per term

or NZ$375.00 per week

Admin Fee $500

Note - An Offer of Place will only be provided after school fees have paid and only for the period of time the fees cover.

Homestay Fees

$310 per week including all meals and internet

Homestay one off placement fee $300 - this will be charged to the student at the commencement of the homestay

Guardianship Fees

$350 per month/ $3500 per year (10 months).

Medical Insurance (compulsory)

$507 for one year (subject to change)

Additional Costs

These vary according to the individual programme the student selects and includes:

  • Uniform approx $200

  • Stationery (about $50 a year)

  • Non programmable scientific calculator for Maths, Physics, etc (about $40)

  • Trips out of school, including field trips required in some subjects

  • Entry fees to external examinations: $375


Refunds will be made in the following circumstances:

  1. If an application for refund is made before the student starts the course minus an administration charge of $250 to cover costs incurred by the school will be charged.

  2. If an application for refund is made after the student starts the course but before the second half of the course, fees will be refunded less:

  • An administration charge of $500

  • Costs to the school already incurred for tuition

  • Components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course, including appropriate proportions of salaries of teachers and support staff

  • Costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources

  • The proportion of the Government levy the school is required to pay

  • Any other costs already incurred3. If the school is unable to provide the course requested by the student and agreed on in the school's Offer of Place.

Refunds will be considered in the following circumstances:

If an application for refund is made after the second half of the course has begun the refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, eg: Family bereavement, illness or other family circumstances which require the student to return permanently to the home country, or serious illness of the student.

In these circumstances students who are insured may have the balance of the fees reimbursed by the insurer. The school will only consider the balance not provided by the insurer

Refunds WILL NOT be considered in the following circumstances:

1. If the student is expelled or excluded from the school.

2. If the student acquires permanent residence status after having enrolled at the school as an international student.

Application Procedure

An application for refund of fees must be made in writing. The application must be made to the Board of Trustees. The application must explain why the student has withdrawn from the course and reasons for seeking a refund. Documentary evidence to support the claim should be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol?

You need to fill out an Enrolment Form and send it to the International Dean, Mrs Robertson. When she receives this she will contact you about what happens next.

Please see contact details below.

Mrs Robertson

Address Mairehau High School, 440 Hills Road, Mairehau, Christchurch

P 64 3 385 3145 E robertm@mairehau.school.nz

How do I pay my account?

When you fill out the application form and send it to us you will receive in return an invoice and acceptance letter. The invoice will have our New Zealand account number on it for you to make payment by telegraphic transfer. If you are using an agent the payment will be organised by them.