Why Mairehau?

Mairehau High School is a school with a focus on achievement, success, excellence and quality. We have a caring and nurturing environment with outstanding staff. We believe in self and mutual respect and always doing one's best. We are a school which works with parents to meet the learning and pastoral needs of every student.

Enrolment Process

  • Print off the Enrolment Form or collect a prospectus (including the enrolment form) from the main office

  • Read the Student device and internet use agreement

  • Check you are in the Mairehau High School Enrolment Zone

  • Return the completed and signed enrolment form to the school office. Please include a copy of the student's birth certificate or passport (overseas students should include a copy of their passport's Visa page)

  • For more information about enrolling at Mairehau High School please email admin@mairehau.school.nz

Please note there will be a mid-year deadline associated with handing in these applications. Please contact the office for further details.