Our students have a strong sense of belonging at Mairehau. They thrive on the relationship built with teachers and support staff. Our staff know them and their whānau well. 

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of their learning in an environment that is positive and engaging. Our school has a foundation of CARE and restorative values to grow our young people into confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

Celebrating Student Achievement

Paige Elder, Bachelor of Fine Arts – Canterbury University

“I really loved my time at Mairehau High. It was a very welcoming school with a close knit community. My teachers felt more like extensions of my family. It is my firm belief that had I attended any other high school I could have got lost in the crowd. I would not have had the one-on-one relationship and mentoring I got at Mairehau. I was really appreciative of the support and encouragement I was given. This allowed me to pursue my love of the Visual Arts and receive a place at Canterbury School of Fine Arts".

Rachel Haythornthwaite, Bachelor of Law – Canterbury University

“My education at Mairehau High School ensured that I gained the necessary skills for tertiary study. I am now able to think critically, manage myself where deadlines are concerned, and apply skills in a wide range of settings. I feel completely prepared for my future, and I know that I will be successful”.

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