BOT Members

School Board Parent Election 2022: Nomination round

Our school will be undertaking a parent election for 5 School Board vacancies. This

process will start with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community byFriday 15th July 2022. We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database.

Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates.

Nominations close on Friday 5 th August at 12 noon.

We look forward to your participation in this process.

Chris Caselton
Board Chair

Chris is our BOT Chairperson. He has two children, one of which is a current Mairehau student. He is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and who has worked in construction for the last 23 years. He was born in the UK, grew up in Kent, studied in Manchester and then lived in Bristol, where he lived and worked until moving to NZ in 2013. Chris chose to be part of the BOT because he is a parent and wanted to be more involved with the school and because he wanted to contribute some of his experience to the proposed refurbishment project.

John Pearson
Deputy Board Chair

John's son and daughter attend Mairehau High School. John is a researcher at the University of Otago at Christchurch.

Don MacDonald
Co-opted Trustee

Don's son and daughter attended Mairehau High School.

Elissa Smith
Parent Trustee

Elissa has 4 children who will be at Mairehau for their secondary education. She has been working and volunteering in the education sector for 24 years with a strong focus on advocating for families and communities. She was keen to be on the Board to communicate the needs of current families and strengthen the school for the future.

Haymesh Francis
Student Representative

Haymesh Francis is the student representative on the BOT. Haymesh is a Year 10 student and he was recently elected by students to represent them on the BOT for the 2022 year.

Harry Romana

Harry has been the Principal of Mairehau High School since 2004.

Kyla Boocock
Staff Representative

Kyla is the Learning Team Leader of the Health, Outdoor Education & Physical Education Faculty. Kyla is also responsible for the Flexible Learning Time Year 9/10 curriculum.