Price List

Sausage roll $2.50

Mince savoury $1.50

Chicken or Beef Noodles $2.60

Hot and spicy Shin noodles $3.00

Chicken Burgers (Wednesday) $3.00

Pies: steak, steak & cheese, mince, mince and cheese, butter chicken (Friday) $4.00

Chicken schnitzel roll $4.00

Chicken & Mayo sandwich $3.50

Chicken lettuce and tomato sandwich $3.50

Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich $3.50

Chicken or ham club sandwich $4.00

Chicken and Avocado sandwich $4.00

Filled rolls - various fillings $4.20

Chicken salad wrap (half) $3.50

Ham salad wrap $3.20

Chicken Caesar Salad $3.50

Chicken Salad $3.50

Fruit Salad $4.00 (fruit will vary depending on season)

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Balls $3.50

Tuna and Avocado Rice Balls $3.50

Fresh rice paper rolls (3) - Chicken $5.00

Fresh rice paper rolls (3) - Vegetarian $4.50

Yoghurt cups - assorted flavours $1.50

Muffins - blueberry, chocchip, banana $3.00

Assorted slices $2.20

Ham bun $2.00

Fresh fruit - varies by season 50c each

Bottled water $2.00


Juicies $1.00

Moosies $1.20

Juicies Tubes $2.00

NOTE: Prices and products may change during the year. New products will be advertised. All products are available every day unless otherwise stated.


Our school canteen is run by Thea and Rach, the owners of Hills Road Bakery and Coffee