Mairehau High School has a strong tradition of sporting participation. All students are encouraged to contribute to our culture of 'sport for life'. At the junior level, students are encouraged to belong to both a summer and winter sports team. Currently at Mairehau High School we actively facilitate 20+ different sports team throughout the Canterbury region. Mairehau High School is willing to offer any sport to any student and has the flexibility to negotiate with student. Our School produces a number of regional representatives who go on to take national honours. Mairehau High School is a well networked, and functions alongside a multitude of outside organisations in support. This allows us to cater for both the egalitarian and the elitist sportsperson. Basketball is a sport which has had a huge significance to Mairehau High School. Basketball has been the traditional lifeblood of our sportsmen and sportswomen.

Kapa Haka

Mairehau High School has a growing Kapa Haka group. They have helped to introduce the Mairehau High School haka to students, staff and our wider community.


We offer a full range of opportunities for students with an interest in music, visual arts, dance, drama and public speaking.

  • School-wide public speaking competitions
  • Major production to showcase musical and dramatic talents
  • Performance music evenings
  • Annual music tour
  • Stage Challenge
  • Wide ranging visual arts programme
  • Christchurch-wide music/singing competitions
  • Year group dance performances
  • Rockquest