Peer Teaching


Jesse is a year 9 student interested in 3 D modelling.
He is using some of his personalised learning time to learn how to use the software needed for this.
He is being taught by Bailey who is a senior student with expertise in the use of this software.
Bailey enjoys passing on his expertise and also hopes to gain NCEA English credits from his efforts.



DUG was a cross curricular project between Social Studies and English. DUG stands for Deeper Understanding of Gallipoli and was an experience for all year 9 students.

Students were divided nto their waka groups and offered four experiences with an aim to encouraging a deeper understanding of the material they are covering in both English and social studies lessons

  • 'Food experience',
  • 'Periscopes target practice'
  • 'Stretcher rescue'
  • 'Courage under fire'.

The year 9 group was also taken into the city to examine memorials and commemoration.

He kai kei aku ringa

There is food at the end of my hands


Multi Level


A Digital Technologies class of year 10, year 11 and year 12 students runs outside of normal school hours at 7:30am in the mornings.
This class has learning materials presented via a video link with Burnside High School and Aranui High School.
This is a level 1 NCEA class.

Staff and Students Together


As a spin-off from the range of fundraising activities undertaken by our Year 9 students in Personalised Learning Time, a group of students and staff have knitted squares for charity.

They will be mixed up with squares from knitters from all around the world, made into blankets and distributed to Aids Orphans in South Africa by the wonderful people at


Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket the people will live


Conor Hassan

Conor is a year 12 student studying NCEA Calculus, Chemistry and Biology at level 3 while studying at level 2 in his other subjects

Conor gained an excellence endorsement in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at level 2 as a year 11 student. He also gained an overall excellence endorsement for NCEA level 1 and NCEA level 2

Next year Conor can choose to study Mathematics at the University of Canterbury or a scholarship level Mathematics course. He could also choose to do a scholarship level Physics or Chemistry course

Alex Mander

Alex is a very successful athlete at both regional and national levels.

His long list of achievements include

  • South Island 300m hurdles champion 2015
  • South Island triple jump champion 2015
  • South Island pole vault champion 2015

Alex holds several records including the Canterbury School's triple jump record of 13m and 94cm and the South Island Pole Vault record of 4m and 20cm.

He kotuku rerenga tahi

A White heron flies once

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