Health and Travel Insurance

Most students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand unless they are:

A resident or citizen of Australia, or A national of the United Kingdom in New Zealand, or The holder of a temporary permit that is valid for two years or more. If you do not belong to one of these special categories and you receive medical treatment during your visit, you will be liable for the full cost of that treatment.

A condition of enrolment at Mairehau High School, and the New Zealand Code of Practice, is that you have insurance that will cover the cost of medical treatment in New Zealand for the duration of your stay in this country.

This can be arranged by the school through Uni-care Insurance at a cost of $507 per annum for the New Zealand student plan (this cost should be paid to the school).

Alternatively students may arrange insurance through their own insurance company in their home country. Name of insurance company, policy number, start date and expiry date must be supplied to the school. (Note - $507 is the current cost quoted by Uni-care Insurance and may be subject to alteration by them at any time).


An international student enrolled at Mairehau High School must be living with either:
parent or legal guardian, or school approved homestay, or designated caregiver (family member or relative). Homestay accommodation is arranged by Mairehau High School's Homestay Agent. Host families are carefully selected for suitability. All homestay providers must be approved by the New Zealand

Living with a New Zealand family is an excellent way of improving English and experiencing New Zealand culture first hand. Students are treated as a member of the family and are well cared for. Homestay parents hope that their student will join in with family activities. They will do their best to help the student with any problems that may arise.

Homestay Fees

Placement fee $300 - this will be charged to the student at the commencement of the homestay. Accommodation fee $280/week (46 weeks in a full year). This includes: Own bedroom All meals Electricity charges Airport pick up and transport to homestay Help in opening bank accounts Homestay supervision Homestay administration fee. It does not include: Toll calls Internet charges International students cannot pay homestay fees directly to their host families if the homestay has been arranged through the school. This protects both parties.

Homestay fees should be paid to the School. Guardians It is a condition of enrolment at Mairehau High School that all students aged under 18 years of age or younger must have a guardian (guardian to be an adult - at least 25 years of age). The school reserves the right to request a guardian at any time. The school is very happy to recommend suitable people to provide this service at a reasonable cost, currently $3,500.00 per year. (Note: a guardian cannot be a homestay provider).



Privacy Act

All information collected on the Enrolment Form is to maintain Mairehau High School's records. This information and any other information collected about the student will be used to provide for educational and general advancement of the student and for the purpose of carrying out the activities of the school.

Any information collected by the school may be provided to education authorities (under Section 7(4) of the Privacy Act 1993). International Students and parents may at any time view their own personal information and request correction.

English Language Requirements

Intending students must be aware that all instruction is in English. Therefore, students wanting to gain qualifications need to have a good level of written and spoken English (preferably at an intermediate level). If a student, after testing on arrival at Mairehau High School has clearly not reached an appropriate level of English, Mairehau High School reserves the right to:
a) Request the student attend Language School for intensive full time English language tuition, or
b) Place the student in the year level best suited to the student's English ability.

Circumstances School May Terminate Tuition

a) Serious health (emotional or physical) concerns when it is considered the student should return to the care of their parents.
b) Unacceptable behaviour in school and/or in homestay. c) Unacceptable school attendance.

Attendance and Behaviour

All international students must maintain satisfactory attendance and comply with school rules on behaviour. Students in homestay accommodation must also behave in a satisfactory manner. If a student's behaviour or school attendance is unsatisfactory, the following process will be followed:

a) Student will be counselled by the Dean/Principal/Support Services Coordinator. Normal school procedure will be followed.
b) If the student's behaviour or attendance does not improve, the student will be put on formal attendance check/given a written warning. The student's parents and/or guardians will be informed.
c) If improvement still does not occur, the school reserves the right to withdraw the student's Offer of Place. Immigration and parents will then be informed.
d) Costs associated with international toll calls to a student's parents, and translation of same, regarding attendance and behaviour issues will be invoiced to the student.

Employment (Year 12,13)

You may undertake paid employment for up to 20 hours per week with the school's permission. See the International Dean.


Unless there are very special circumstances, you will not be allowed to leave school before the start of the holidays. It is important therefore to book your flight home as early as possible.

Contact Details - Home/Country of Origin

It is vital that Mairehau High School has correct contact address, phone and fax details for International students at all times. If parents' contact details change the school must be notified immediately.

Use of Motor Vehicles

Students enrolled at Mairehau High School may not own or drive a motor vehicle unless they hold a current New Zealand Driver's Licence at either Restricted or Full status levels. A Restricted licence does not however allow a student to carry passengers.




It is a condition of enrolment at Mairehau High School that all students aged under 18 years of age or younger must have a guardian (guardian to be an adult - at least 25 years of age). The school reserves the right to request a guardian at any time. The school is very happy to recommend suitable people to provide this service at a reasonable cost, currently $3,500.00 per year. (Note: a guardian cannot be a homestay provider).

Regulations and Rules

Parents enrolling an overseas student at the school must promise that their student will obey:
a) The school's regulations and rules. (The school reserves the right to vary the regulations and rules from time to time).
b) The school's uniform regulations.
c) The school's driving regulations.
e) The school's attendance requirements.
If a student breaks these rules and regulations normal school disciplinary procedures will occur. In serious cases a written warning will be given. If continued disobedience occurs, the student may be asked to leave Mairehau High School.


The school will not be liable for any loss or damage to property or persons, however caused, except where such liability is imposed by New Zealand law.


The parents of an International Student authorise the Principal of the school to provide any consents required to be given on the student'' behalf in the event of a medical emergency where it is not possible or reasonably practicable to contact the student's parents.

Grievance and Procedures

If an International Student or parent of an International Student wishes to make a complaint related to their recruitment and the welfare and support they have received from the school, he or she should:
a) Contact the Dean of International Students
b) If this fails the student/parents or parents' representative may write to the Principal.
c) If this fails, parents' representative may write to the Board of Trustees explaining fully their complaint.

If the dispute is not resolved within 14 days of the Board receiving such complaint, the complainant may write to the New Zealand International Education Appeal Authority, C/- Ministry of Education, Private Box 1666, Wellington (the "IEAA") seeking their assistance in resolving the dispute.

Mairehau High School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at

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