Teaching Staff


Ms Chithira Adhynarayanan Mathematics
Mr Mark Bell DEPUTY PRINCIPAL, Supported Learning
Ms Amanda Black Chemistry, Science
Mr Nigel Carter Science, Physics
Mr Greig Cowley Science, Flexible Learning Time
Mr Gary Crooks Materials Technology, Design and Visual Communication, Flexible Learning Time
Mrs Kyla Dench Year 10 Dean 2017, Health, Flexible Learning Time
Mrs Abby Fulton Food Technology, Outdoor Education, Social Studies
Ms Amelia Gilmore Social Studies, English, Specialist Classroom Teacher
Mrs Vanessa Gopperth English, Performance, Textiles
Mr Chris Hall History, Humanities, Classics
Ms Trish Harte LTL Mathematics
Mr Charlie Lake Guidance Counsellor
Mr Sean Lee Year 11 Dean 2017, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Health, Flexible Learning Time
Mr John McCartney LTL English
Mr Ben MacDonald Music, Social Studies, Drama
Mrs Jenny Mackenzie LTL Learning Support Centre, ESOL
Mrs Lucy Mackie ON LEAVE 2017
Miss Angela Marshall Art, GATE Co-ordinator
Ms Lucy Morel Home Economics, Hospitality, Food Technology
Mrs Dayna Napa Home Economics, Physical Education, Maori
Mrs Kelly Penny ON LEAVE 2017
Mrs Biljana Petrovic Tourism, Skills for Life
Mrs Karen Reid ON LEAVE 2017
Mrs Margaret Robertson Dean of International Students, LTL Arts, LTL Careers/Transition, Music
Miss Hannah Robinson Media, Photography, Flexible Learning Time
Mr Harry Romana PRINCIPAL
Mr Josiah Russell LTL Physical Education/Health
Mrs Helen Saunders LTL Science, Biology
Mrs Jennie Sinclair Performance, Classics
Mrs Kay Smythe Academic Dean, Information & Communications Technology, Digital Information, Employment
Ms Tania Swann English, Flexible Learning Time
Ms Rebecca Swanson ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, English
Mrs Raewyn Taylor Food Technology
Ms Alice Wackwitz Social Studies, Geography
Miss Kimberley Walker ON LEAVE TERM 2,3 2017
Mrs Mary Anne Ward Mathematics
Mr Axel Willmer LTL Technology, Materials Technology, Furniture, Digital and Visual Communication

Non-Teaching StaffBarbara


Mrs Lucy Newbold B.C.M. Finance and Administration Manager
Mrs Raewyn Shaw Principal's Secretary
Mrs Michele Ring Receptionist
Mr Caleb Ward Data Manager
Mrs Barbara Steel Administration Support
Mrs Sandy Meharg Accounts Clerk, International Administrator
Mrs Vanessa Barrett Gateway/STAR Coordinator, Marketing
Mrs Sue Purvis Student Support Manager, Year 12 Dean 2017


Mrs Margaret Turnbull  


Mr Steve Clarke Caretaker
Mr Derrick Martin Grounds Assistant


Ms Sarah Simmerson Science Technician
Mrs Tania Robertson Food Technician


Mrs Abby Fulton  


Ms Samantha Alley  
Mr Ray Begg  
Miss Jacqui Brown  
Mrs Dorothy Davern  
Ms Marlow Devine  
Mrs Zelma Falloon  
Mrs Dianne French  
Ms Donna Gould  
Mrs Terry Head  
Mrs Jan Lake  
Ms Lisa Marsden  
Mrs Lynda Macdonald  
Miss Lynne McMorron  
Mrs Sherlee Palalagi  
Mrs Anita Rowse  
Ms Raewyn Taylor  


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