Mathematics Learning Team


The Mathematics Learning Team aims to meet the needs of all students at Mairehau High School by providing mathematical learning opportunities which reflect the skills necessary to be successful in today’s society.

Our friendly, qualified and well resourced specialist Mathematics teachers aim to help students achieve the levels of mathematical and statistical literacy needed in a technologically orientated and information rich society.

We encourage students to develop life long learning skills by fostering a belief in the value of Mathematics and its usefulness to them, nurturing confidence in their own mathematical ability, encouraging a sense of personal achievement, and promoting a continuing creative interest in mathematics.


Comprehensive diagnostic testing identifies students in need of remedial help and programmes are implemented by teachers specifically trained in the teaching of numeracy. All classes provide differentiated learning opportunities including extension activities for able students. Gifted students are identified and programmes are implemented in cooperation with the Gifted and Talented Coordinator.


We value and actively encourage the skills, abilities, experiences and personal characteristics that students bring to the classroom.

If you have any queries about Mathematics at Mairehau High School please contact:

Trish Harte
Learning team leader of Mathematics

Kei hopu tōu ringa ki te aka tāepa, engari kia mau ki te aka matua.

Cling to the main vine, not the loose one.

NCEA Numeracy



Any level of an NCEA certificate requires 10 numeracy credits.

There are two ways this can be achieved:

1. Achievement Standards Pathway.
These are gained primarily in Mathematics, however some other subjects do have a Numeracy component and can also contribute toward the 10 credits. (eg. Science, Geography).
Note: Gaining the minimum 10 Numeracy credits is insufficient to continue with level 2 Mathematics the following year.

2. Unit Standard Pathway
There are 3 Work and Study skills Unit Standards that can be gained for Numeracy. This requires the student to complete a portfolio of work. To gain Numeracy the student must gain all three of these Standards.

Student Work - Year 9 Transformations

Useful Sites


Sites that have useful and interesting activities to help your child learn

Khan Academy

Maths is Fun

Virtual Manipulatives

Online Maths Games


Moodle and Mathematics


All students have access to Moodle and can access their Mathematics course.

Mathematics Staff

Trish Harte

Learning Team Leader

Chithira Adhynarayanan


Mary Anne Ward

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