Digital Information


Digital Information courses give students the skills necessary to develop systems enabling the collection, structuring, manipulation, retrieval and communication of information in various forms.

Students complete modules in Word Processing, Graphic Design, Image Creation and Manipulation, Desktop Publishing, Data Handling (Access), and Spreadsheets.

At Levels 2 and 3, senior students will also have the opportunity to gain a National Certificate in Computing Levels 2 and 3.

Digital Technology


Our fast state of the art infrastructure enables students and staff to access any web based technology immediately and efficiently.

We have a variety of modern devices available to students. These include

  • Chromebooks
  • Samsung Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops

Desktops are available in most classrooms and 4 modern computer labs are also available.

Digital technology is routinely embedded in lessons across all curriculum areas. Students are encouraged to use all technology responsibly and smart phones can be used where appropriate.

The latest Microsoft Office Software is available and Adobe products are used for Art, Photography, Digital Technology, and Media Studies.

A video conferencing unit is installed and used routinely to deliver content from outside experts.

Students are able to bring their own devices. We recommend Chromebooks as a compatible and affordable option.



Course Title:
Commercial (Girls Only)
Core plus
Commercial Practice
Recommended for:
Average ability girls preparing for office work.




The New Zealand Curriculum specifically references the value of e-learning for our students, with digital fluency being a current Ministry of Education priority. At Mairehau High School we recognise the benefits that access to technology affords our students with their learning.

BYOD enables student to access their learning anytime, anywhere. It helps to support the continuity of learning between home and school as students can access class resources and support beyond the school gates. In addition to this, it provides increased opportunity for enriched learning experiences, with increased access to a huge range of electronic resources, as well as increased opportunity for collaborative learning to occur between peers.

Importantly, the use of technology in the classroom helps to prepare our students for future study and work environments.

BYOD at Mairehau High School

From 2017, we invite and strongly encourage all Year 9 students to bring their own device. Students in other year levels are also free to bring their own devices.

We recommend specifications for the laptop/Chromebook include the following:

Battery life: should last 5-8 hours to be able to get through the day without recharging

Weight: Light enough to be carried around throughout the day

Dual Band Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n (5.0 Ghz) – this allows a more stable connection to our network.

RAM: should be 4GB or more, so that programs can run fairly quickly

Screen size: 11” or bigger

Antivirus – free is OK, like AVG

Insurance: the school cannot be responsible for damage or loss of electronic devices, so please make sure this is covered on your own policy

Warranty: having a good 2 year or 3 year warranty is important as students who are using a device will want faults fixed quickly.

The school has worked hard to secure deals on Chromebooks with Noel Leemings and PB Technology. Please see their brochures below.

Hardship Provision:

If you are unable to provide your student with a device, we will have a small number of devices available for students to loan daily. This can be discussed with your child’s dean. For Year 9s in 2017, please contact Alice Wackwitz (

Chromebooks can also be paid off through the WINZ scheme for families on lower incomes. You do not need to be a WINZ client. A letter from the school must be provided in order to support the application.

Please contact our Assistant Principal Rebecca Swanson for further information.


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