Careers Education in the School

Learning Team Leader

Margaret Robertson


Gateway and STAR Coordinator

Vanessa Barrett


Careers Education is delivered in a variety of ways. Year 9 and 10 have careers orientation programme.

In Year 11, the focus is on gaining NCEA but Year 11 students may participate in Careers Week.

Year 12 students participate in career education based on identifying and exploring suitable career options for themselves, decision making and planning, and advice on tertiary education and CV writing and Year 12 and 13 students have an individual interview aimed at assisting them as they plan their future.

There is also a range of career orientated presentations throughout the year at Year 12 and 13 assemblies and during Careers week in Term 3 which is open for year 11, 12 and 13 to attend.

Students may choose to attend a range of career education days provided by other tertiary providers such as CPIT, University of Canterbury, Otago University, and Lincoln University.

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STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource)


Star Courses

Contact: Mrs Vanessa Barrett
Gateway and STAR Coordinator

STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) provides students with the opportunity to investigate possible career paths and obtain a 'hands-on" practical experience. This experience helps with ideas and decision making about career paths in the future.

Star Courses can be courses that are not offered in the normal school curriculum. They are usually 1 -4 days in length and unit standards may be offered. They are carried out during the normal school week although can also be run during a term break and are generally held at a Tertiary Institution. There is no cost to the student of family for STAR courses.

Employment Skills

Employment Skills is a full year course offered in year 12. A range of Level 2 employment related NCEA standards are taught including First Aid, CV writing and Job Seeking skills.

Chris and Hunter

Other Employment Pathway Opportunities



Gateway provides long-term structured workplace learning for our Year 12 and 13 students.

In consultation with the employer, a learning plan is specifically developed for each student including industry based Unit Standards that contribute towards NCEA.

School attendance continues as usual, with students attending their Gateway work placement one day per week for an agreed period of time.

Students gain valuable experience and learning in a careers of their choice, building confidence for a smooth transition to the workplace. There is no cost to students or their families.

Occupation Outlook

Occupation Outlook is designed to be one of the first places for young people to look when making a decision.

There has been a shortage of good occupation-level information for students and parents about where the best opportunities are and what study options present the greatest prospects for young people.

Occupation Outlook helps address this shortage with current and relevant labour market information.

It brings together a range of labour demand-side information, such as employment forecasts, to provide a clearer picture for job seekers and students. on career options.
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